About Me:

  • Stay at home mom of two
  • Wife to wonderful partner
  • First-generation college graduate
  • Former professional in higher education and non-profit fields
  • Yogi
  • Reader
  • Traveller
  • Snowboarder
  • Lifelong learner

Why Learn to Code?:

Other than why not?, I am actually not exactly sure yet. My professional background entailed a lot of technical database work, which led me to my Master’s Degree program in database design, but I never quite mastered any particular coding language. I did study web development with PHP using Codeigniter, HTML/CSS and of course, MySQL. I was also really good at Googling my way through a project to find the code snippets required. Overall, I am genuinely curious about the power of code. What all can it do? What are its limitations? And ultimately, how will it be valuable to me as I return to the workforce?

An inspiring moment that has propelled my educational and professional pursuits happened when I visited an academic advisor to talk about master degree programs. The advisor told me the database design and administration program was “really challenging.” She was most likely giving an unbiased and well-intended opinion about the topic, but it sounded more like a challenge to me. So I took it. I soon realized the process of organizing data then extracting useful information from it led to infinite story combinations. This was both satisfying and fascinating to me and I have never regretted my degree program choice. I enjoyed the course format of college classes. All the information is set in blocks, stepping stones to more and more complex information. All I needed to do was keep up! I hope to harness that “its really challenging” motivation again and apply it to learning specific coding languages. Can it be too challenging? Let’s see…