Back in business

Was able to complete another module today. When I take too long of a break inbetween modules I require more review time to catch up. It is the same with my German or French lessons (, highly recommended, free and super fun). So, I will try to keep a more consistent schedule with my python course for my own sake. Although I had to review past lessons, the information was in my brain and relatively easy to access so not all is lost! Here’s an example of the test code I just submitted for an end of module test:

def how_many():
requested = input(‘enter how many you want: ‘)
return requested

number_needed = how_many()
print(number_needed, ‘will be ordered’)

*The ouput looks like this:

enter how many you want: 3
3 will be ordered

Success! Erfolg! Succès! Woop!

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