Moving right along?

I’m at a point in the course where I need to complete a final set of code to demonstrate all the stuff I learned in the module. I have done and redone the practice exercises and might be able to do the final piece with my eyes closed (but prob not). However, I keep pushing it off. Tests are something I usually enjoy so I’m not sure what I’m doing with this. Thought maybe procrastinating some more by blogging here would be a good idea. Maybe I’ll find that motivation at the end of this post. Once I finish the final piece I’ll be on to the remaining modules which are all less comprehensive and therefore shorter. And there’s probably some stuff in those modules that is more interesting and useful than the big review module I just got to the end of. Alright, I’m not leaving this coffee shop until that final piece is complete. It’s happening. Right after I finish my millet muffin. And my tea. And maybe check my email………..

1 hour later,

it wasn’t so bad. And I got it on the first try! Woop!

Note on finding time: It really helps that I’m not working at the moment and am able to use the time my kids are in school to study. But outside of that time, I have snuck in some tutorials here and there while my family was busy doing other things. This is not always without frustration because I’ve noticed that I tend to get deep in thought while I’m working on my class work. No fun for me or my family when I’m jolted out of that for a question about socks or dinner. So it is ideal to have some free time when I’m alone to study.

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    • Ha! A millet muffin is a muffin made with millet (some kind of not-so-popular grain). It was more fun to say than to eat :(. Thanks for the encouragement! Sure is keeping me busy!

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