Progress… perhaps.

The truth:

I got stuck on functions. I’ve used them in the past with success, but never actually created my own entirely on my own. It has been suggested by someone very wise (and devastatingly handsome šŸ˜‰ ) that I may be overthinking them. Whether or not my husband is right, my Python course progress has stalled a bit. As this is not a requirement for work, or for anything actually, I am taking my sweet time and allowing myself to daydream about other things instead.

Other things:

I’ve been floating a few possibilities for how to apply the code I’m learning. One idea is to build an application for streamlining scheduling that I can enter the date of a somewhat unpredicatbly recurring event and have it automatically return follow up events based on that date. Practical use for this could be, for example, workout routines and nutrition. If you get to your hardest workout on a Tuseday one week, you’d enter that Tuesday and the app would spit out the preconfigured future events that need to take place (increased protein intake, recovery days, etc.). It would also be useful for female cycles and things like nutrition, rest, exercise, scheduling, etc. And for anyone taking intermittent medications. Another idea relates to all things associated with travel. I’ve been nerding out on how to pack lightly for long trips (I heartĀ Travel Fashion GirlĀ and her capsule wardrobe lists. Brilliant!) and there has to be an application that can tell me when, how and what to pack based on when and where I’m traveling. Automate. Automate. Automate.


I’m slowly suspecting that I’m more of the idea person than the execution person when it comes to coding in Python. We shall see… I’m not giving up yet. Perhaps having a goal for all the code pads the reward in the end?

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