Python Day 5+: Same same but different

Programming is coming back to me. I suppose like any language, if you don’t use it, you lose it. I am feeling good that it is not entirely unfamiliar, but also I think the tutorials in this program are pretty good. 

A student who is brand new to programming altogether might benefit from this: Don’t get overwhelmed by what it all means. These terms and methods are all tools for coding meaningful things later on. So a new concept now is only a tool for later. I would have appreciated that bit of perspective when I was first studying as I used to feel stressed that I wasn’t understanding the whole picture right away. Now I know that I should just keep going and that it will all come together later, when I work on an actual project.

In case this reaches anyone who is working through the same exact courses, I found a resolution for my code not populating in Jupyter Notebooks. I found a q&a online that said it helps to always keep a blank cell beneath the one you are entering your code into. It has worked flawlessly for me so far, although I still do not understand the underlying cause.

I’m looking forward to applying these tools to something useful. In that way, programming can be very gratifying. And there is creativity in figuring out what that “something useful” is. So many people have created useful things through coding, things I use daily and feel dependent upon. The possibilities are endless and I am inspired to think of what else is possible, especially from people with all different backgrounds and experiences. Collective brainpower. Wow!

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