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Progress… perhaps.

The truth: I got stuck on functions. I’ve used them in the past with success, but never actually created my own entirely on my own. It has been suggested by someone very wise (and devastatingly handsome 😉 ) that I

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Back in business

Was able to complete another module today. When I take too long of a break inbetween modules I require more review time to catch up. It is the same with my German or French lessons (duolingo.com, highly recommended, free and

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Python Day 5+: Same same but different

Programming is coming back to me. I suppose like any language, if you don’t use it, you lose it. I am feeling good that it is not entirely unfamiliar, but also I think the tutorials in this program are pretty

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Python Day 3/4: 106-year-old Bob does not want email!

Coming right along. Have had to troubleshoot an issue where my input code was not rendering. I guess I could seek help within the course but instead I triple checked my code then restarted my notebook program. Worked every time. 

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Python Day 2: print(“I am a string.”)

Day 2:  print(“I am a string.”) After finagling a glorious block of time (aka more than 3.5 minutes) at a coffee shop (no kids in sight!), I am finally able to focus on my courses. This first unit contains videos,

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Python Day 1

Day 1: Python Spent 45 mins moving through intro material and got confused by the order of the material. There was a video introducing us to the Windows Azure Notebook area where we will be doing our work, but the

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Week 1: Mom is Coding: Python

I’m about to begin my Python coding classes. I’ve chosen to try edX Microsoft: DEV236x Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner. The edX courses are created and taught by industry professionals and esteemed higher education establishments like Harvard and MIT.  The course series

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