Week 1: Mom is Coding: Python

I’m about to begin my Python coding classes. I’ve chosen to try edX Microsoft: DEV236x Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner. The edX courses are created and taught by industry professionals and esteemed higher education establishments like Harvard and MIT. 

The course series I’ve looked into is part of edX’s Microsoft Professional Program in Entry-Level Software Development. It covers Python and Java. Each course looks like it should take 5 weeks at 3-4 hours per week.

One can choose to pay $99 per course to receive a certificate as proof of their participation and grade. I’m opting not to do this because I already have an advanced degree in an IT field. I think an employer would assume I can program proficiently with my advanced degree. What an employer may not consider is the amount of time I’ve spent away from IT by staying home with my family, or that my advanced degree did not focus in-depth on any one language. Therefore, I really do need these courses!

My Goal:

Complete Introduction to Python in less than 5 weeks.

As my first course, I really don’t know what to expect. Maybe I’d need more than their average of 3-4 hours per week to understand a topic. Maybe I’d need less. Let’s find out.

Initial Challenges:

Finding quiet and uninterrupted time is equally essential and incredibly difficult when at home with children. I will have to try different time slots throughout the week to see which ones allow enough focus time without outright neglecting my kids ;).

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